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Jan 10, 2013 8:00pm EST
sustainability and lastly, corruption. let's talk about inadequate planning. we are at risk now of wasting billions of dollars if the agencies charged with implementing new programs and constructing new facilities do not first answer some basic questions. now i have been in washington for 30 some years. i almost fell off the stage. [laughter] i came from ohio. and maybe i keep this midwestern approach to issues, the basic simple questions that you would ask if you are buying a house, buying a car or trying to lecture your daughter on what school to go to. simple questions, logical questions. these questions aren't being asked or i should say aren't being answered in afghanistan. questions such as are these programs and buildings needed? have you asked the afghans if they want them? have you coordinated with any of the other organizations working for either the u.s. government or the international community? have we designed them to meet any specific needs that the afghans have? and have we designed them in such a way that they can be sustainable in the future? quite often, we find the answ
Jan 30, 2013 8:00pm EST
government more effect days. lastly, act in a manner we are not ashamed of her children watching because they are. i'm taking these principles to heart and we party hit the ground running to create better jobs, better schools and a more effective government. a company recently came to montana and said goodbye to the kid a manufacturing facility in great falls, but they needed a workforce ready for the high-tech bidding they do. they are exactly the kind we should have here in montana. that's why we've been working with great boss college, training workers to fill these jobs in this company is now committed to moving to the electric city. [cheers and applause] now, as part of the new program, will also ensure that high schools in great falls can graduate with the certificates that would make them attractive candidates for this company as well. not only is it better jobs, the better education. i pledge to bring a more effective government to montana and we do not already as well. tomorrow for the first time after, montana's check book will be online. [applause] will have and still be impro
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2